Cortex restoration is so simple.  

Reconstruction and therapy that transforms your hair. Introducing the Ultimate 5-Step Cosmetic Procedure.

Introducing the Ultimate 5-Step Cosmetic Procedure.


With every shampoo, calcium ions accumulate inside your hair, which can make it coarse. Now, THE HAIR CARE SALON SOLUTIONS takes an advanced scientific approach, thoroughly removing calcium ion buildup, and restoring genuine suppleness. Then it infuses each strand with rich nutrients and repairing agents to instantly improve hair’s texture. The triple-layer coating is the final step, to help sustain the procedure’s beautiful effects.

Experience total hair transformation, as you relax into the ultimate experience of beauty, and the welcoming Japanese spirit of Omotenashi that can only be delivered by the hands of a true professional.

Treatment services tailored to the needs of individual customers.

All customers have different levels of hair damage, and what they want to do with their hair depends on many factors such as diverse hairstyle trends, different lifestyles, and aging. SALON SOLUTIONS delivers the desired result through consultation and the customizing of salon-exclusive products to meet the needs of each individual customer's hair condition.


The 5 Steps is an unparalleled high-performance treatment system that delivers and sustains an effective impact.Every movement and every step leading to the final arrangement is designed to flow in an atmosphere of hospitality to offer the highest customer satisfaction possible.


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