Our Story

The Rabbit Hole

Once upon a time, a little rabbit tumbled through a magical portal and burrowed his way into the verdant Bukit Indah in Johor Bahru. He fell in love with the quaint little township and decided to make it his home. So in his cozy little rabbit hole, he decided to hone his magical talent in…. Hairstyling!

Not before long, words of the rabbit’s otherworldly talent have reached the ears of the Queen of Hearts. As the queen was notoriously vain, she decided witness the hype for herself. So off she went to The Seventh Rabbit with her royal guards. She was completely awed with her new hairdo that she conferred the title of ‘Royal Hair Stylist’ to him, officially named his humble home ‘The Rabbit Hole’ and listed it on Google Maps.

The Queen of Hearts have issued a royal edict to the rabbit, commanding him to serve the people with pride along with lots of tea, snacks, books, free wifi and many other services.

Soon, The Rabbit Hole became a place where families and friends gather and bond while pampering themselves to the fullest at the magical hands of The Seventh Rabbit. To top it off, the Seventh Rabbit have also extended his services to provide amazing manicures and pedicures as well.

There’s no longer a need to hide your bad hair days like the Mad Hatter. Here at The Rabbit Hole, The Seventh Rabbit makes every hair dream come true.

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