Nothing has ever been created like Olaplex. 


Olaplex is a bond multiplier which is unlike any other product on the market. This actually links broken disulfide bonds in the hair allowing you to restore the strength, structure and integrity of the hair before, during and after services. It is not a conditioner in anyway whatsoever as it does not coat the hair in silicone. It is also not a protein as that coats the hair. This is an entirely new chemistry giving us brand new options in regards to what is possible for us as hairstylists. Olaplex is just one revolutionary ingredient developed by two PHD's in chemistry and materials.  It's completely safe and free of any toxic ingredients.  Nothing has ever been created like Olaplex. 


Olaplex may be used after a perm or a relaxer. By doing so, this would not effect the texture of the perm or relaxer in anyway, however by linking these broken disulfide bonds. You would be able to perm highlighted hair, which prior to this, would have resulted in immediate breakage or a “chemical cut.” This is a huge change in regards to what we thought was possible and gives us brand new options.


In regards to color, you may add it directly into your semi, demi, permanent, high lift, direct pigment, toners and glosses. It is compatible with all color lines. By doing so, this will make the hair healthier, stronger, shinier and color will actually last longer. The reason for this is healthy hair is less porous and by adding it to your color, you are able to restore the hair during the color process!


As for lightener, it may also be added directly into your lightener as well. By doing so, you are actually able to rebuild bonds as they are being broken during the lightener process. When you lighten hair, you lose about 50% of the bonds. The next time you lighten, you lose about 50% of the 50% leaving you with 25%. It gets exponentially worse from there. (This is just a generalized percentage to explain the process.) By adding Olaplex to your lightener, you are actually able to rebuild at the same time allowing you to push hair farther so there are more bonds to be broken. So instead of initial 50% or so, your losing 10% give or take dependent on hair type etc leaving you with the ability to push hair farther. I can get into specifics of mixing etc if you like as well, this is just a generalized explanation.


By far the most popular is the Olaplex treatment. By using Olaplex as a treatment, you are actually able to repair damaged hair. Keep in mind, hair is not only damaged from chemical services, but mechanical such as brushing and especially thermal such as blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. By using the Olaplex treatment, you link broken disulfide bonds therefore restoring the strength, structure and integrity to the hair. There is absolutely nothing else like it. It lowers the porosity of the hair and increases elasticity in the hair. Its an overall reparative treatment! You can do the treatment before your color to strengthen the hair. This is a great pretreatment for working on compromised hair or before a drastic color change. It is not a protein, you cannot do any damage by using it too much. The more FREQUENTLY you do the treatment and the LONGER you leave the treatment on - the more effective. You can also follow any color service with the same treatment just to restructure the hair after coloring it. 


The No.2 and the No.3 are similar products. The No.3 is your client's retail. Tell them to use it at least once a week, comb it through well, they can leave it on for a minimum of 10 minutes or longer and just shampoo and condition it out. You can still retail them your favorite shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.


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